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sun2Support ProtonBoron’s research efforts through the purchase of 1000 KWH’s of fusion power – at only $US 5 (five dollars), that’s only $US 0.005 – one half of one cent per KWH! Consider the global average cost of electricity is currently well over $US 0.10 – ten cents per KWH.

A win-win deal.

Your purchase of KWH’s is an effective means for you to support real change in society on multiple levels all while saving on your future energy bill – a winning arrangement for everyone.

Please purchase as many KWH’s of electricity as you can. Every penny of support is needed to bring cheap clean fusion energy to humanity.

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When ProtonBoron successfully achieves it’s mission – the development of a commercially profitable fusion reactor production facility (successful completion of stage three of our plan), we will launch a repayment program to begin honoring our obligation to the ProtonBoron community of fusion supporters. This program may involve us sending you a payment for the value in KWH’s you purchased relative to a globally averaged price per KWH of electricity. Repayment will occur in the order in which funds were received from supporters and will be contingent on the profits of ProtonBoron – meaning repayment of ProtonBoron’s debt will not happen simultaneously, but over a period of time. This period of time may take several years. However, repayment of this debt/obligation to supporters will precede any net-profit to founders or future investors.

Each unit-item you purchase is the equivalent of a block of 1000 KWH’s of electricity charged to you at a rate of just $US 0.005, i.e. $US5.00 for each 1000KWH block.

The aim of this stage-one fund-raiser is to sell a maximum of 200 MILLION WATT HOURS – 200,000 blocks of 1000 KWH’s each. The end-financial goal being to raise nearly $US1,000,000 dollars. Any amount excess to our needs for stage-one will go toward stage-two. Please read more about our research and development stages and business planning here: http://protonboron.com/main/planning/.

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