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Mike Simon

January 18th, 2015  /  Category: Founders  / 


Mr. Mike Simon, by the age of ten, had become interested in electricity and started studying the Amateur Radio Handbook; by age thirteen he had obtained his amateur radio license; at age seventeen he had passed the Radiotelephone First Class test; and two years later he had joined the Navy and became a qualified Naval Nuclear Reactor Operator.

After leaving the Navy Mr. Simon worked for Raytheon Computer as a technician where he gained considerable experience in digital electronics and by 1978 he had designed a computer I/O board for the world’s first BBS. By 1986 Mr. Simon was an aerospace engineer working for Sundstrand (now UTC) Aerospace.

Mr. Simon became interested in Polywell Fusion when he discovered Dr. Bussards video on a blog in November of 2006. Tom Ligon (Dr. Bussard’s electronic engineer) taught him about the Polywell fusion concept via the NASA Aerospace Polywell blog. When that blog ended Mr. Simon became the top-poster and moderator at Talk-Polywell. Although he is now retired, he keeps very busy designing distributed control systems with ARM microprocessors using the Forth computer language.

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