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Tyler Jordan

January 17th, 2015  /  Category: Founders  / 

Mr. Jordan is a serial entrepreneur with a background in a wide range of fields, from philosophy & biology to economics & business. In the late eighties he worked as an electronics technician, in the early to mid nineties as a molecular biologist and DNA sequencing specialist, in the late nineties he started one of those boom-bust dot.com’s we still occasionally hear about, and then a small DNA sequencing biotech company. Circa 2008 he developed AnonymOS, a Gnu-Linux based anonymizing computer operating system and Anonobox an anonymizing router. Since the youthful days of bitcoin, Mr. Jordan has been an early adopter, bitcoin-miner, & investor in blockchain technologies.

Mr. Jordan has had a keen interest in IEC & Polywell fusion since Dr. Robert Bussard gave his talk to Google in 2006 and he would very much like to see Dr. Bussard’s dream of inexpensive fusion energy realized.

Statement of personal values

Over the course of building this organization I came to believe that it is important for people in the community to know what my values are and hence the values that I will push for in this organization. So i wrote up some core questions and answered them in my own words.

What Personal values are most important to you?

I am a big believer in personal freedom and individual responsibility, as a life having both of these qualities allows the greatest level of human creativity and ingenuity to be unleashed. I want to live in that kind of world. However in order to gain such a world we need to put honesty, integrity, and communication at the center of our lives – as our most important and cherished values. Failing that, there will be no trust, and failing trust, there will be no freedom, nor responsibility; and human creativity can then only exist on the margins.

What are the most important values for business success?

In any business we must first ask the question, what do individuals really want – what are the looking for in their everyday lives. Then we need to ask, how can we help them get it more efficiently than they already are. For me, any honest business venture must be centered on helping others. The profit that is made in the process brings more competition into the ring which further helps to keep business honest. To keep competitive and maintain market-share in a competitive marketplace, we must listen to our the needs of the client, the community, and investors and we must work with them for honest solutions. Also important is to never allow fears of competition to dominate our thoughts and push us in the wrong direction for such an attitude will drag down our efforts to work efficiently and for the best interests of our clients, the community, and our investors.

What values do you look for in friends and associates?

As above, the first values I look for are honesty, integrity, and communication. After that I look for philosophical advancement in their thinking. So understanding that ideas need to serve humanity and not the other way around is high on the list. Many individuals allow their ego’s to defend the ideas in which they believe – they hold certain ideas as dear, akin to a family member, loved one, or friend. However that view, shown as far back as Socrates, is an impairment to the growth and development of new and better ideas.

Another value I think important is the dignified treatment of all other individuals. Human dignity is critical toward the prospect of personal growth for each and every individual. Personal attacks on the character of others, only serves to inhibit the growth and development of those attacked. Such attacks belittle all of humanity. Hence, I have no tolerance for this sort of behavior in my life. Those who cannot put human dignity before all else in their communications are ostracized from my life.

How do your values and views translate in terms of your mission and goals?

I want to help to empower individuals everywhere to gain more freedom through any means I can. After years of research I’ve come to understand that energy is one of the keys necessary to unlock human potential – truly the potential of our entire species. The advancements that have come from the last century of inexpensive energy have driven tremendous innovation and advancements in our standard of living, health, and happiness. This is my motivation to facilitate the development of inexpensive, clean and abundant fusion energy. When this goal is achieved, the price of electricity will be pushed to new lows. The cost of production of all fundamental inputs for all goods and services will subsequently drop to new never before seen lows, and hence the availability of goods and services will expand to meet the needs of everyone on the planet many times over. This is the point I am keen to reach, for upon this level of success for humanity, all individuals everywhere can begin to dream large and thus create the new technologies that will empower humanity in the coming century.

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